Morning back pain sucks and it’s something that will wreck your mind and body if you constantly wake up dealing with it.

If you have attempted to relieve your morning back pain I know your intentions are good but odds are you’re only making things worse.

That’s right.

What you’re doing to get relief could actually be making things worse

So let’s put the bad sleeping position and crappy mattress aside and look at 3 overlooked morning back pain mistakes.

2 thoughts on “Morning Back Pain? Stop These Mistakes!

  1. Hi William,
    I’m 68 years old. I’ve always been active. The past year or 2, I noticed I can’t touch my toes and have difficulty putting on my socks. I still work full time and I’m on my feet a lot, which is
    actually when I feel the best. I’m pretty sure I have fusion in my lower back, something my
    chiropracter told me 20+ years ago that I was heading this way. I’m 5’7″ and weigh 205. My
    question to you: can I safely use a recumbent bike or treadmill. The bike doesn’t bother me but I can’t work up a good sweat like I can on a treadmill. But the treadmill bothers my hips a little and I tend to pull up on the handle bar and this makes my shoulders achy.
    What do you suggest?

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