You have got to stop using your foam roller to get back pain relief.

If you constantly feel like you need to be rolling out to get relief from your lower back pain the creators of the Foam Roller have you right where they want you.

In this video, I give you 2 of the issues I have with the foam roller and why we need to stop using it to help with low back pain.

The foam roller came into the fitness industry fast with little research and a lot of hype. I am not big on proving whether something is valid or not solely through research but what I do have a hard time with is having something tell you it delivers a specific result when it actually doesn’t (research or no research)

Whether you are foam rolling your piriformis, glutes, hams, etc it will feel good and will give you a temporary “release” type of feeling but your low back pain will come back (sometimes even worse).

Let’s jump in!