Just about anyone who is living and breathing have experienced a tweaked back at some point in their life. Whether it’s a tweaked back from deadlifting, a tweaked back from squatting, a tweaked back from doing simple chores around the house.

At some point in your life, you will be searching for your personal tweaked back fix and when you do, it’s my job a duty to steer you clear from some of the crap you will find on the internet.

In today’s video, I want to share with you 4 bulletproof techniques you can start using right now if you are dealing with a tweaked low back!

Why should you listen to me about your tweaked back?

I have a unique experience with navigating a tweaked/pulled back muscles due to personally overcoming 8+ years of chronic back pain. Not only have I beaten this persistent low back pain but I have used very specific strategies to overcome acute back pain (back tweaks) in a matter of days.

Even to this day tweaking your back or pulling a muscle (regardless of how careful you are) is inevitable. It’s what you do when after you have pulled a back muscle that is the most important.

I did a podcast a few months ago on the topic of what to do after a tweaked back. You can check it out here

How long does it take for a pulled back muscle (tweak) to heal?

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Assuming it’s a mild strain or pull it really shouldn’t take that long and if you’re willing to take action and be consistent with these strategies you could be back on your feet within 4-6. days When I tweaked my back a few months ago it was nothing major but was strong enough to knock me out for a solid 3 days. Each day after that I was getting better and better as the day went on.

How do you know if you pulled a muscle in your back?

If you really don’t know what happened and you’re having some major symptoms like loss of bowel control and unconsciousness I would suggest seeing a doctor to rule anything out.

The other option is to think about what happened to cause the pain in the first place.

Did you bed over to grab pen off the floor?

Did you twist to grab your seat belt?

Did you bend to grab a laundry basket off the floor?

All of these are common tasks that people wind up tweaking their back doing at some point in their life. If you can narrow it down to a simple task like one of these odds are its a minor irritation and just needs some time to work itself out (assuming you follow the right steps).

Have you ever tweaked your back before?

If so share your story and let us know what you did to overcome it as fast as possible!

2 thoughts on “Tweaked Back – 4 Overlooked Strategies For Healing A Tweaked Back FAST

  1. William your da man!
    My name is Richard I am a surfer on the north shore of Oahu.
    Found you a few years ago when doing McGills stuff that was recommended to me after a few nasty back injuries.
    You have helped a group of surfers on north shore out a lot!

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