3 Things I wish I would have been told when I was at my worst.

  What do you do when nothing seems to be working? No matter what you do it seems your lower back pain just won’t go away or relief seems to get to a certain point and just stops. You thought you had things dialed in and you were on the right path but something seems to […]

How your feet impact your lower back: With a simple solution

  When it comes to our feet and lower back pain, a lot of people tend to overlook the importance of the foot’s alignment for the rest of the body. Most people don’t actively engage their body with what they are doing. They don’t think how these shoes or that posture will affect their performance. We […]

1 Simple test that can reduce your lower back tightness.

  A trick I learned early on when trying to get control of my back pain was a simple technique you can use to tell whether or not your lower back muscles are contracted or relaxed. A part of your pain cycle is not giving your body the time it needs to relax and do […]

A simple approach to reducing your back pain while bending

  When it comes to picking apart your own pain cycle, you have to pay attention to the details. The best place to start when trying to ditch your doctor and flush your pain meds is to look at the activities you do every day. Not just the ones that cause pain but simply the […]

Morning Back Pain: A simple strategy to beating your pain cycle

  Having a morning back pain strategy has been one of the most helpful aspects to reducing my inflammation and keeping myself in control of my own pain cycle. I wish I could say I owe it all to one person or one great book but it came through research and a lot of trial […]

4 Glute Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Lets talk about your glutes. This major muscle is commonly taken for granted and can over time lose its ability to function in the way it was designed. The problem with this is if your experiencing back pain, taking pain meds and getting acupuncture isn’t going to change the fact that your glutes are weak. […]

Improving hip mobility to reduce lower back pain

We talk about sitting a lot on this blog and how terrible it is for anyone currently dealing with lower back pain. What I want to focus on today is how your lack of hip mobility could be another key factor in your back pain relief plan. The more you sit, the more imbalances you […]

Improve your lower back pain and posture with these 5 back exercises.

There is a piece to the back pain relief puzzle that a lot of people over look. We feel pain and we immediately go to the source of the pain and expect to find the cause. In some cases that works but we have to look at the body as a whole to really rule stuff […]

Life Hacks to Help Beat Back Pain: Part I

Over the years I have learned countless “other ways” of doing things in order to save my back. It actually took me a while to get across my head that if the movement hurts I probably shouldn’t do it. In some cases, I figured I was going to need push through the pain in order […]

How to treat stress related back pain: Part II

So if you missed last week we went over 4 powerful ways to start beating stress related back pain. I was excited to see the amount of response the article brought! It seemed to give people hope which is exactly what I want to do! If you missed Part I of this series you can […]