10 Minute Bodyweight Ab Workout

This is a fun yet simple bodyweight ab workout follow along that you can do right from home. The bodyweight ab workout can be modified with weights (as you will see in the video) to make it even more challenging.

If you are dealing with persistent low back pain and looking for a safe core exercise routine after surgery or for your specific situation give this workout a shot!

Let’s break down this workout for you!

For this bodyweight ab workout, you will be doing 4 ab exercises for a period of 40 seconds followed by an optional rest time of 30 seconds.

The 4 ab exercise you are doing can be done with just bodyweight or as you will see in this video done with adding weight to make it a little harder.

Can I strengthen my core with a bad back?

Yes, in fact, strengthening your core even with a bad back can help tremendously with persistent low back and training the body to use the entire trunk for support instead of defaulting to the lower back. Having a smart core training routine for chronic back pain is critical for your long-term relief!

If you want more info on a more step-by-step approach for using core training for low back pain relief or restrengthening your core after surgery

Check out Core Essentials

Are these core exercises good for back pain?

Yes, these core exercises were hand picked specifically for people who have a history of back pain or who have undergone corrective spinal surgery. If you have been cleared to exercise these core exercises are great for addressing low back pain.

Can a weak core cause back pain?

When it comes to back pain and a weak core you have to think about it this way. Over the years we develop habits with our movement. This could be due to lack of exercise, poor posture, lifestyle habits and work environments. Despite these things, our bodies are extrememly smart and effecient and will create compnesations in the body to get things done.

For example if you create a habit in the gym during certain lifts to extend the lower back then brace the trunk thinking this creates the ultimate stiffness well you are wrong. What this creates is a pattern that will default to focusing more on the low back extension during the lift and less on the anterior and overall core brace.

So does having a weak core cause back pain? In my opinion yes. We want to put the focus and default back on the abs and overall “core” to provide the stability the spine needs. Not just the lower back.

Here are some other great resources for core training with a sensitive lower back!

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Thanks for checking it out and let me know if you plan to try it out in the comment section!

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