Ab Exercises that are bad for your back.

There is definitely a list of ab exercises that you need to stop doing if you have back pain. Odds are, your doctor told you to “be more active” or to “strengthen your core”. What they don’t tell you is that you could go to the gym and do the exact exercise that will end up […]

3 Non-Negotiable’s For Self-Treating Back Pain (Your spine doctor doesn’t cover these!)

I love hearing from my readers (new and old) and getting to know you and your specific pain issue in more detail. My ultimate goal is to try to help guide you down the most productive path possible when it comes to getting relief. Since this site was launched, it has grown fast and I […]

How to Foam Roll Your Back for Back Pain Relief

Most of the things we do are in front of us. We get dressed looking at a mirror, we drive to work with the wheel in our laps and our arms extended. We checking emails, watch TV and even read with everything in front of us! I know this is all obvious observation but really […]

5 Ways 2015 Changed My Outlook on Back Pain Forever

It’s crazy what can happen in a year. I remember anxiously awaiting this sites launch date worrying whether or not it was actually going to help people. I knew how important my back pain managemt was to me but I wasn’t sure how serious other people took theirs. Despite those feelings, I knew all I […]

How to do the McGill Crunch

So, we know exercises like crunches, sit ups and leg raises are terrible for a bad back. If you’re trying to rehab your back the first thing you need to focus on is your foundation. I have mentioned it a few times on this site about the “McGill Big 3”. What I want to do now […]

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5 Things You Must Avoid if You’re Dealing With Morning Back Pain

Have you ever woken up holding your breath as you roll out of bed hoping whatever pain is about to rear it’s ugly face wont put you on the ground? What about the lower back pain you experience while trying to put on your socks and shoes?  The first 1-2 hours after waking up is […]

Life Hacks to Help Beat Back Pain: Part II

So last week we talked about 4 pretty cool ways you can make some life style adjustments to free up some of that nagging back pain. Its not so much about working around your back pain but its finding out what activities you may be doing now that could be causing your back pain then […]

How to treat stress related back pain: Part II

So if you missed last week we went over 4 powerful ways to start beating stress related back pain. I was excited to see the amount of response the article brought! It seemed to give people hope which is exactly what I want to do! If you missed Part I of this series you can […]