5 Ways 2015 Changed My Outlook on Back Pain Forever

It’s crazy what can happen in a year. I remember anxiously awaiting this sites launch date worrying whether or not it was actually going to help people. I knew how important my back pain managemt was to me but I wasn’t sure how serious other people took theirs. Despite those feelings, I knew all I […]

3 Things to Remember When it Comes to Back Pain and Your Personality

We don’t really think about how our personalities can affect the way we recover or heal from injuries such as a broken leg or back pain. Some of us just do what the doctor tells us while others take things into their own hands and end up extending the healing process even further. Today I want to […]

4 Ways to Ensure Exercise Exhaustion is Not Making Your Back Pain Worse

When it comes to rehabbing a bad back one of the worst things you can do is train in and around any type of exhaustion. 95% of people fail at this concept because we are wired to think that the only way we are to build endurance is to push our personal limits. When it comes to a […]

The biggest mistake you make when bending over

We live in a tough world, babies are constantly crying, bosses are demanding and we don’t make enough money to pay someone to pick up after ourselves. What are we to do! Well if you have been experiencing any back pain lately you could be a candidate for perfecting what is called the hip hinge. One […]

How to treat stress related back pain: Part II

So if you missed last week we went over 4 powerful ways to start beating stress related back pain. I was excited to see the amount of response the article brought! It seemed to give people hope which is exactly what I want to do! If you missed Part I of this series you can […]

Your abnormal spine isn’t causing you back pain….

This is a concept that I am still coming to terms with myself. I truly believe it starts the minute we are brought into this world. As humans we always want to be able to blame something for our pain, bad luck, unfortunate circumstances etc. IN some aspects I agree, a lot of what we go […]

Breaking ground on the mind body connection.

I’m just going to dive  head first into this one. I’ve mentioned this idea of the mind and its part in the chronic pains we face from day to day. In this case I am speaking specifically about the back. There is this theory (with practical clinical trials to support the findings) that a man […]