3 Things I wish I would have been told when I was at my worst.

  What do you do when nothing seems to be working? No matter what you do it seems your lower back pain just won’t go away or relief seems to get to a certain point and just stops. You thought you had things dialed in and you were on the right path but something seems to […]

2016 Wrap Up: What worked, What didn’t and how you’re going to dominate 2017

I am not a big fan of setting new year’s resolutions simply because for the average person, stopping a handful of habits and starting brand new ones all in one day, is a guaranteed failure. You can’t change an entire year of bad habits in one day. Seriously. What you CAN do is reflect on […]

The Best Books for Lower Back Pain

Listen up. When it comes to finding the best books on lower back pain relief the list is rather small. I have been reading, researching and experimenting with lower back pain treatments for years now and it’s frustrating at the lack of sources for the average person to consume to help fight their chronic or […]

3 Things to Remember When it Comes to Back Pain and Your Personality

We don’t really think about how our personalities can affect the way we recover or heal from injuries such as a broken leg or back pain. Some of us just do what the doctor tells us while others take things into their own hands and end up extending the healing process even further. Today I want to […]

Motivation With Back Pain

One thing I have learned in my battle to maximize my back pain relief is that failure has to be accepted. I have to try new things until they just flat out don’t work. We get analysis paralysis and don’t make moves anywhere to help ourselves find relief. The exercises I use and the relief […]